Natural Indigo Dyes

Combining Henna with Indigo to get a red/ brown, brown or a black shade.
When henna is used with indigo it can give shades of different browns to black. The resulting colour depends on the method, how long you leave it on for and the proportion of henna and indigo used.

There are 2 ways of doing this:

Method 1. Dye your hair first with henna so it goes auburn/red then dye your hair with indigo and the auburn/red turns to brown. To achieve the desired shade you need to get the right amount of time to leave the indigo on for. The longer the indigo is left on for the darker it will be. If you leave it on the maximum time it can go black.

Method 2. Soak the henna over night. Mix the indigo with water just before you are ready to use it. Thoroughly mix the henna mixture together with the indigo mixture. To get a more red /brown shade use a large percentage of henna. To get a darker brown use a larger proportion of indigoTo get a black shade use method 1.

Everyone’s hair is different and will take the color differently so trial and error may be necessary to get the desired shade.

How much henna do you need

The following quantities are for average hair - if you have fine hair you will need less, or if you have thick hair you will need more:

·         short / chin length hair - 50 gms henna

·         shoulder length hair - 100 gms henna

·         mid back length hair - 200gms henna


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